Attention Assessment

Purpose of ADHD / ADD Assessment

ADHD / ADD may feel like a label, but it may be more helpful to think of it as an explanation. It explains why your child / teenager may have struggled with things like paying attention, following directions, listening closely, self-regulation, organization - things that seem to come easily to other children/teenagers. Put simply, individuals with ADHD often display weaknesses in their executive functioning skills.

In this sense, getting a diagnosis can be a relief. You can rest easier knowing that it was not laziness or a lack of intelligence standing in your child / teenager's way, but rather a neurodevelopmental disorder that you can do something about.

ADHD / ADD Assessment

The ADHD assessment is conducted only by experienced Registered Psychologists according to International Standards. It includes an internationally-recognised report that is accepted by international and Singapore schools as well as medical and healthcare professionals. The comprehensive report will include personalised recommendations for your child to help him/her cope better in school, home and in life.

Assessment Fees: From SGD500 onwards

Assessment fees are inclusive of (i) professional consultation, (ii) assessment/test and (iii) report. No additional or hidden consultation charges.

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